kyoushitsu(held in buuild.2) Project


Robot Academia


Please drop in If you have an interest in robot.


TRPG and Board game trial session


You can experience an RPG-like game with no action restriction called "TRPG" or a board game! If you wanna experience the diff. and SF-like world view, let’s go!!



SIT Astronomy club

There’re homemade planetarium with listening to the original starry sky commentary by the members. Rearranging tickets are delivered in front of classroom.


self-made movie screening

Movie club

If you want to watch a movie or want to take a break, please come here! Please feel free to enter and leave the room!


Let's enjoy the art with pinecones and PET bottle caps!!


Small children can enjoy and work. Take it home and take pride in it that you made here! Please come here!


Workshop class and experience corner

Robot playship department “Karakuri”

We hold work class that children can enjoy! You can also play with your friends with a robot! It's a place where you can have a great time! !




We desplay of rocket that we actually launched. You can tiy to move the Cansat (automated radio control) & the 3D printer of the equipment !!


Exhibition of Arts and Crafts Club

Arts and Crafts Club

We exhibit of work members created and hold experience(dip art). Both of children and adults can enjoy, so please stop by!


Interactive Art Exhibition

Shiba Lab

We will exhibit near-future interactive art. The whole classroom is fantastically directed by projection mapping and works created by electronic work.


Band performance & Board game experience meeting

Animation Research Group

Animation Research Group will hold board game experience sessions and perform band performances of anime songs and J-POP.


Railway Collegium display

Railway Collegium

We will exhibit N gauge&Plarail and hold experience driving. Add, the railway quiz and the photo that was greatly improved last year!


Exhibition of works

An electronic computer club

we will exhibit a game made by ourselves, a VR experience that even adults can enjoy, & a programming experience everyone can enjoy. (VR experience is over 12 years old)


Digital Art Exhibition

Digital Creation Circle

There are computer games, digital drawings, 3DCG, and music on display! Welcome!


Research publication and Questions in mathematics

Mathematical Sciences Club

There’re not only riddles, math problems & gifts of prizes also coloring books that even children can do. We will make a research presentation.